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Our Recipes

Make your day perfect with these recipes!

Hot Coffee

  • Pour 60ml of decoction into a cup.
  • Add sugar to taste.
  • For Black Coffee: Add up to 90ml of hot water and serve!!!
  • For Milk Coffee: Add up to 90ml of steaming hot milk and serve!!!
  • You could dilute it further depending on how light you would like the final cup to be

Cold Coffee

  • Prepare a little sugar syrup by dissolving sugar in warm water.
  • Fill a tall glass with Ice cubes.
  • Pour 60ml of decoction over the ice cubes.
  • Add sugar syrup to taste and top the glass with cold milk.
  • Stir and Serve!!!
  • Whipped cream may be added as a topping


    • Pour 60ml of decoction into a blender.
    • Add two scoops of Vanilla ice cream.
    • Blend and pour into a tall glass.
    • Add a thin straw and Sip on an amazing home-made frappe!!!


  • Hot Coffee with Ice cream:
  • Add a scoop of vanilla or chocolate ice cream into a coffee cup
  • Pour 60ml of decoction evenly over the ice cream and serve!!!


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