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Double Bean – Coffee With Chicory


Available as 250 Gm packs.
The minimum purchase is 500Gm.

Order 1 Kg and get 250 Gm free.

Arabica’s sweetness & aroma blended skillfully with Robusta’s body & character through a carefully selected combination of Plantation & Peaberry beans, selected from the finest coffee plantations in India. 15% of High-Grade Chicory included in the blend. Ground using the latest technology to produce perfectly uniform size granules to bring out the best flavors and taste profile from the coffee.

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An Aromatic & Flavourful Coffee, made by blending four different varieties of beans carefully selected from Arabica and Robusta strains of coffee strengthened with 15% Chicory. Filter, French Press, Coffee Maker grind.

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250 gm


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